Captain Taleb Al Yamahi

Capt Taleb Alyammahi
Deputy Harbour Master
Port of Fujairah

Nearly 12  years  experience sailing on variety ships  and other self propelled  vessels,  such  as  LNG ships, Container and Bulk Carrier ships  worldwide, including a period as port captain on LNG Terminal, holding unlimited merchant navy Master Licence.

Captain Taleb has joined Port of Fujairah as a marine pilot in 2014, in 2016; he took a senior position in the PoF as Deputy Harbour Master and Head of Marine Traffic & Safety, after he has been awarded the Degree of Master of Science in Port Management by Liverpool John Moores University.

He is given responsibility in monitoring and management of moorage area and harbour facilities, operations and maintenance of harbour facilities and equipments with Familiarity with all applicable local marine ordinances, performing nautical investigations, furthermore, his given the ability to enforce local marine ordinances.

He is also serves a member of the national Executive Team for Logistics Performance indicator.


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